Your Measurable Benefits


Why Remote Team-as-a-Service ?

Remote Team Vs In-House Team

Your In-House Team Our Remote Team
Cost Calculation
Skilled (Expert level) human resource will cost a minimum of $4500 / month (160 hrs/month). You get an Intelligent Remote Team at $6/hr. You save 80% of your human resource cost.
You need additional cost for office infrastructure. A dedicated desk in any coworking will cost around $300 - $500 per month. No office infrastructure cost.
Additional hiring costs. You need to pay to 20% commission to recruiters for their hiring services. No hiring costs.
Hiring & firing are not that easy. Plug and play advantage. Add or remove resources as per your needs.
Productivity Calculation
Many reports say reveal that average productive hours of employees is 3 - 4 Hrs a day. That’s more than 50% loss. With us, you only pay for “Productive Hours”.
Very difficult to monitor full time and get the work done from your in-house team. Here we provide you a “Dedicated Account Manager” - a single point of contact for all your queries, status calls, etc.
You can’t do instant hiring and firing. With us, you have a plug and play advantage.