We offer “Remote Team-as-a-Service”.You get an Intelligent team/resource at 10x cheaper. They are your extended team and works as part of your team. They can execute all your tasks related to Digital Marketing, IT-Admin tasks, Operational tasks, etc.

  • Intelligent Team / Resource @ 10x cheaper
  • Executes all your Business tasks, just like your team member
  • Work remotely from our India Office
  • Works in your preferred time zone
  • Experts in major business tools and Software’s
  • Best suited for Small & Medium Businesses
  1. Choose Your Plan, and Buy. Post payment, you are assigned a “Dedicated Account Manager”.
  2. Video Conference with our Team. We will discuss figure out “task description”, and “No of hours” required to finish that work/task. A detailed action plan will be created.
  3. Execution of agreed (approved) Action Plan.
  4. Weekly Meetings/ Status Call & continuous Improvisation.
These are our in-house human team, who work for you on your various projects. They sit in India (New Delhi NCR location). They work on your preferred time zone, and always connected to you in real time (via email, live chat, Skype, video call, etc).
You get a Dedicated Account Manager, who will be your single point of contact for all your queries.

We use our in-house Project Management Software (workspace), where all tasks are clearly defined and status updated. You can join the workspace, and see all the work progress. All the work-related files/ data are stored here, totally secured.

You will have weekly meetings for the status work. If required you can call a meeting anytime with the remote team. Also you will be always connected to remote team through email, chat, Skype chat, video call, etc.
There is no refund for payments made. You can cancel the subscription by giving a written notice before 15 business days of renewal date.